by Liz Tagaloguin

About Me

About Me

My name is Lisa. I’m a South Cotabateña currently living in the concrete jungle of Cebu, Philippines, where I work as a full-time Software QA Engineer.

I started writing during grade school. Growing up, I’ve always kept a diary where I mostly wrote about my inspirations and failures. I was basically writing for myself. But then I stopped due to some circumstances- college, license exam, and a series of job applications.

Then came a big opportunity at work to travel outside the Philippines. The whole experience got me back into writing. What used to be a personal hobby  turned out to be an avenue to express more of myself and to also show my creative side to others. See, things had changed a lot since then that even my so-called “diary” evolved from physical to digital.

I welcome you to my blog where I write my past and future travels and other random things I wan’t to share with you. Hope this at least make you entertained and inspired as well. Happy reading! 🙂